Commercial Pool Services

Commercial properties have unique characteristics that require additional considerations. Whether your property is in a high rise in downtown Chicago or in a condominium complex in the suburbs, we have the experience to provide your property with the professional services your pool and spa needs. Our qualified technicians are trained oto work in a commercial environment. We are equipped to handle the unique needs of a public facility in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment. We are well versed in state and local health codes and are happy to help with your yearly inspection details. Contact us for more information on our commercial pool and spa services.

  • Commercial Pool Opening

    It’s time to come out of hibernation!

    Every commercial property has unique needs. Contact us to set up an on-site evaluation of your facility. Whether the pool is drained and cleaned in the spring or just needs a system start-up and evaluation, our certified, professional technicians can handle all your pool’s opening needs. Our team will customize a program that is right for your specific property.

  • Commercial Pool Premium Maintenance

    It’s “our pool”, we just let you swim in it!

    We offer several maintenance program options to suit the needs of your facility. Whether your property needs a complete premium maintenance package or a regularly scheduled “wellness check”, we can create a custom maintenance program for your property. For most of our Premium Maintenance contracts, our technicians will clean the pool using our portable filtration system. Utilizing our equipment minimizes the amount of debris that your equipment needs to filter out, leaving less of a burden on the system. This translates into savings for the property with fewer filter cleanings, less waste water, reduced chemical usage and less overall wear and tear on the entire system. Contact us to create a custom maintenance package for your property.

  • Certified Pool Operator Certifications

    Is your property compliant with the codes of your local health department?

    The Cook County Department of Public Health code states, “all swimming facilities operated within suburban Cook County shall be managed by an individual who has current certification of successful completion of a training program in swimming facility management issued by the State of Illinois or by another organization offering an equivalent training program approved by the State Health Department. Proof of such certification shall be provided to the Cook County Health Department Inspectors as part of their annual inspection for the State Health Department license.”
    If you find that your property is not compliant within these terms, we can help. With a Premium Maintenance Program, your property can opt to contract Diamond Pool & Spa, Inc. as the property’s CPO. Please Contact us for details as some restriction do apply.
    If your property would prefer have a Certified Pool Operator on staff, Diamond Pool & Spa, Inc. hosts Certified Pool Operator courses during the winter months. Please Contact us for pricing details and class schedules.

  • Commercial Pool Closing

    Awww shucks, it’s that time of the year again!

    Proper winterization is imperative in order to avoid freeze damage during the cold winter months. Choosing a professionally trained company to complete this yearly task is one of the most important decisions that any property will make for their swimming pool. Let our qualified technicians prepare your pool for the winter. We offer a variety of options to accommodate your property’s needs. Contact us in order to set up an on-site evaluation of your facility.