Residential Pool Services

Diamond Pool provides a variety of residential pool and spa services.

  • Residential Pool Opening

    YESSSS, spring has sprung!

    Welcome, Spring! Let’s get the season off to a great start. Our professional crews will get your system up and running and check out all of your equipment to make sure you are ready for some fun in the sun! We offer a variety of options in order to accommodate your pool opening needs. Pricing will vary based upon the size of the pool, any water features present (e.g., deck jets or buddy seats), the type of winter cover, and whether or not there is an attached spa. Contact us for additional information or to schedule your pool opening.

    What’s included in a standard pool opening?

    • Remove, clean, and fold cover for storage (if applicable)
    • Remove plugs and expansion devices
    • Reinstall return fitting eyeballs and skimmer baskets
    • Reinstall underwater light fixtures and check operation
    • Reinstall deck equipment
    • Start up pool equipment
    • Check overall condition of system
    • Add initial dose of chlorine shock
    Note: Opening packages do not include vacuuming. Vacuuming can be done at a discounted hourly rate, if you choose.
    A Tip From The Pros: Schedule early! The warmer the weather, the more algae will grow, and the more challenging (and expensive) the clean up!

  • Residential Pool Maintenance – The True Premium Package

    It really is our pool, you just get to enjoy it!

    With a premium weekly maintenance package, we treat your pool as if it was our own. It is important to us that your pool is pristine and we take that job very seriously. A standard, residential pool typically requires weekly service, depending on the time of year, the location of your pool, how often the pool is used, and the vegetation surrounding it. If you require a weekly vacuuming or just a chemical maintenance program, we offer a variety of maintenance options, customizable to your needs. Contact us for additional information or for a weekly maintenance quote.

    What’s included in a typical premium maintenance program?

    • Vacuum debris from pool walls and floor
    • Skim water surface to remove floating debris
    • Scrub pool walls at water line, as needed
    • Remove and clean pump strainer basket
    • Remove and clean skimmer baskets
    • Test and treat pool water using chemicals supplied by Diamond Pool & Spa, Inc.
    • Chart each visit for customer’s reference
    • Visually check pool and pool filtration system and advise customer of any apparent problems
    Maintenance program customers receive special discounts on additional services and/or repairs and priority scheduling.
    A Tip From The Pros: Properly maintaining your pool is the most vital part of being a pool owner. Proper care will ensure the health and safety of swimmers as well as prolong the life of your pool and equipment.

  • Residential Pool Closing (Winterization)

    What a bummer…

    So the season is coming to an end. Making sure your pool is properly winterized is mandatory to protect from freeze damage on all its equipment and plumbing. Choosing the correct company to help with this yearly task is one the most important decisions you will make as a pool owner. Let our qualified, certified technicians prepare your pool for the winter. We offer a variety of options in order to accommodate your pool winterizing needs. Pricing is based upon the type of pool cover, size of your pool, and any other features you may have. Contact us for additional information or to schedule your pool closing.

    What’s included in a standard pool winterizing?

    • Lower water to proper winterizing level
    • Remove return fitting eyeballs and skimmer baskets
    • Blow water from pool lines
    • Add anti-freeze to skimmer lines
    • Install customer’s winterizing plugs in all pool return lines
    • Install customer’s expansion devices in skimmers
    • Drain water from equipment
    • Remove light fixtures, wrap in plastic and secure to deck
    • Remove deck equipment (ladders, handrails, etc.)
    • Add winterizing chemicals to pool water
    • Install pool cover (if applicable)
    A Tip From The Pros: Water chemistry should be balanced prior to winterizing your pool. Improper water balance could cause damage to your pool’s surface and equipment.