Residential Spa Services

There are so many health and well-being benefits to owning a spa. Don’t you just love a good, long soak after a rough day? From maintenance to repair, we offer a variety of services to help to keep your spa in good working order and ready when you are!

  • Residential Spa Opening

    Aaaaahhhhh, let the relaxation begin!

    When it’s time to come out of hibernation, contact us to get your spa started up properly.

    Our experienced spa technicians will…

    • Drain the water from the spa and remove debris
    • Thoroughly clean the interior surface of the spa
    • Flush the lines
    • Fill and start up the system
    • Test and balance the water chemistry
    • Visually check the condition of the equipment and advise you of any apparent problems
    …so you can just relax in your spaaahhhhh…..


    Contact us for pricing or to schedule your spa opening.

    A Tip From the Pros: Keep your filter clean to prevent flow and heating issues.

  • Spa Premium Maintenance Packages

    I love my spa, but who has the time to maintain it? … We do!

    Throughout the years, we have found that most spa owners don’t have the time to maintain their spa regularly. Signing up for a spa Premium Maintenance package with Diamond Pool & Spa, Inc. could be the answer to all of your spa problems. Whether it’s checking your chemistry periodically or setting your spa up for a regularly scheduled Premium Maintenance, Contact us and let us know your needs. We’ll customize a suitable program just for you.

    Spa Premium Maintenance Packages Include:

    • Drain water from the spa and remove debris.
    • Clean all the interior surfaces of the spa.
    • Remove, clean and reinstall filter elements.
    • Fill and start up system.
    • Test and chemically treat spa water.
    • Visually check spa and its equipment and advise customer of any apparent problems.
    • Chart each visit for customer’s reference.
    • Plus: priority scheduling and discounted service rates for any repairs that may come up.
    A Tip From the Pros: Check your chemicals weekly and before every use.

  • Residential Spa Winterizing

    Awww man, do I have to??
    Not necessarily, but if you are unable to monitor the spa over the freezing months, you should really consider having it winterized.

    If you don’t have the time to pay special attention to your spa during the winter months, it’s best to have it professionally winterized. Spa plumbing can freeze in a short amount of time if the water is not circulating when the temperatures drop below freezing. With APSP certified hot tub technicians on our staff, your spa will have full service freeze protection for the winter months.

    Contact us for pricing and to schedule your spa closing.

    A Tip From the Pros: Remove heavy snow from the spa’s cover. This will help keep your spa cover in better condition for a longer period of time.

  • Spa Renovations

    I think it’s time for a face lift!

    Our spa service professionals have the experience and know-how to give your spa the renovation that it deserves. Contact us to set up a free on-site estimate for new tile, re-surfacing, equipment upgrades, or spa covers and lifters.

  • Spa Repairs and Replacement

    It’s not working… what do I do?

    Spas offer a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your backyard. But if a problem should arise, let our knowledgeable, APSP certified hot tub technicians help you get back to enjoying your private oasis as quickly as possible. Also, ask us about our spa leak detection and repair services. Time to upgrade your equipment? We can take care of that too! Contact us to schedule your spa repair service call now.